SNOKXING - Four streams
So far
What we are today is defined by what we did in the past, equally our future will be defined by what we do today, our future will be very different from So Far, which we are sharing here.

The metamorphosis of Stalenstraat to Vallei van Werelden


Taking Chiyoda Europe to the next level.

Chiyoda in Concert

When Corporate meets Student: Shaping collaboration with PHILIPS and LUCA School of Arts

Luminaires for Teenagers

Creating an Innovation Network


Changing the social economical profile of Kinrooi and its surrounding municipalities.


Introducing People Centred Design to SMEs to build a lasting competitive edge.


Building the Humanovation organisation to deliver programmes that establish design thinking in the strategic business operations of SMEs.


Let's SNOKX for Our Future.

A snoozing skrible