Introducing People Centred Design to SMEs to build a lasting competitive edge.

Humin was created to guide the Flemish companies not to primarily focus on efficiency and performance but on innovation and entrepreneurship in order to stay relevant in current and future markets.

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Humin thought Designers and Companies how to use design as a strategic asset in the business operations.

Through insightful workshops and professional coaching, the participants learned the principles of "People Centred Design" as a way of thinking which lies at the basis of successful business innovation.

The emphasis was on the active participation and immediate concrete input from the companies.

Designers were trained by the Humin team as Design Coaches where each company was matched with a specific designer to help companies in delivering and implementing tangible results.

During the program, experiences and insights were exchanged during timely network events.

The project included the following components:

Recruitment and registration of Companies
Recruitment of Designers
Matching the Company with the right Design Coach
Design Coach Training
People Centred Design Workshop
Off Site weekend
Implementation of the PCD methods in business operations
Networking and sharing events
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Over a 1.5-year period Humin resulted in the development of new product design, brand identity, online and off line communication, as well as new and improved processes.

As Humin we:

Increased the entrepreneurial skills of 60 SMEs in Flanders by people-centred design innovation.
Trainined 25 people to become people-centred design coaches during the project, providing support to the participating SMEs.
Developed and organised five workshops that formed the basis for the innovative actions in the participating companies.
Offered 10 days of design coaching for each participating company
Improved the perception of entrepreneurship in Flanders.
Strengthened the international profile of Flanders as an innovative region.
Created a "community of practice" that continued after the project.

Humin became a reference in the design innovation space which inspired many other programs.

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