CoCreators of Our World

We are a team of passionate talents who are committed to creating meaningful solutions for people and the world. Not just any other solutions, but solutions that resonate with what people really need and aspire to, with a clear long-term perspective as well as a sustainable positive impact.

We are adept at successfully cultivating, leading and realising not merely innovation but transformation at the system level. We do this in various contexts, taking into account different cultures and traditions.
We are proud of our extensive project portfolio realized so far with various partners from our local and global network. It demonstrates a credible track record in the field of people-centred design and as pioneers in the creation of value networks that address important socio-ecologic and economic issues.
SNOKX - Artwork 2020 - The Future is Unwritten

The world is changing. Now what?

SNOKXING - Four streams

People and society are searching for new solutions to new questions. Also, companies and organizations are looking for new ways to convert their resources to deliver benefits to people and society as a whole.

These desires are fuelled by progress made through science, technology and innovation. Their success fundamentally changes our context, our environment, the way we live, and what people value.

Our aim is to co-create solutions that truly improve people’s lives, respect the natural capital of our planet and pave the path for fair economic success.


We are witnessing how the current system of growth has in recent decades succeeded in creating unprecedented prosperity for billions of people. We walked into an experiential paradise. Technology and science seemed to make everything possible.

Indeed, we have entered an era in which we organize our lives and work in fundamentally different ways, an era with technologies that enable us to develop to our full potential and where value chains turn into value networks.

At the same time people are increasingly sceptical about the cost this model entails. It is impossible to escape the overwhelming signs regarding inequality and the destruction of our natural habitat, Earth, at a breath-taking speed and scope.

Unpredictable events such as the COVID 19 pandemic has demonstrated that we are not invincible, these can have worldwide lifechanging consequences which challenges us to our core, personally, socially and professionally.

More and more people call for action, to join forces and find solutions that make prosperity possible for everyone while respecting our natural resources, our planet.

SNOKX - TranscendenceSNOKX - TranscendenceSNOKX - Earth serves HumanSNOKX - Steady state economySNOKX - Earth serves HumanSNOKX - One with natureSNOKX - One with natureSNOKX - Steady State Economy

The paradigm shift in value creation that we are experiencing today does not mean that paradigms that peaked in terms of economic value creation in the past will cease to exist. However, it does challenge companies and organizations to conduct strategic discussions and actions that will enable them to transform by leveraging the changing socio-economic landscape.

That’s why we see both an opportunity and a necessity in working with this emerging social space. This is by no means a small challenge, but we wouldn't be SNOKX if we went for anything less.

Doing it differently together

We are confronted with new kind of challenges at a much higher order of complexity than ever before. With all the possibilities we have at our disposal, it’s up to us to create a sustainable prosperous future for us all.


A vital force for interfacing and interacting with the future is through the very people who are creating it.
The way forward is by joining efforts.


The customization of future technologies is reshaping how we innovate and with whom we innovate – whether we are thinking about new mobility systems, food production, animal welfare, learning home environments, care prevention programs, omnichannel lifelong learning, enabling systems or open tools.

Finding solutions at system level, which is beyond the user and beyond innovation to transformation, requires us to embrace also a culture role in which the engagement (with whom) is an essential element, just as important as the approach (how) and the result (what).

As such, we carefully compose and rely on complementary expertise, global know-how and local contextual insights to be able to co-create through experimentation, new venturing and collaborative approaches with conventional and non-conventional stakeholders.

SNOKX - TranscendenceSNOKX - Molecular BiologySNOKX - Post mortal identitySNOKX - SpiritualitySNOKX - ThoughtfulSNOKX - Hive MindSNOKX - Eco-embodimentSNOKX - CircularitySNOKX - Super HumanSNOKX - Augmented HumanSNOKX - Social EqualitySNOKX - HolisticSNOKX - FunctionalSNOKX - Responsible consumption and productionSNOKX - SingularitySNOKX - Democratic

We firmly believe in initiatives that adopt global ambitions while simultaneously stimulating achievements at local level to guarantee practical results.

As we prefer an open, honest dialogue as well as believe in 'listening’, we create a warm yet focused working environment for all the projects we take on, which often means we exceed the initial project objectives.

We have done this several times and have experience when it comes to successfully facilitating and leading co-creation activities.


SNOKXING means creative leadership that combines a sharp, analytical mind and holistic creativity with strong design orchestration talent, enabling individuals, organizations and organization clusters to consciously make responsible decisions.

We engage in the debate with all stakeholders and extrapolate ideas to both replicate and multiply them. This involves experimentation and fast prototyping.

Being part of various value creation networks, as a creative node, we merge our competences and expertise with other front-runners to establish a creative dialogue with all participants.

We drive change through an iterative process of creativity and refinement, translating fuzzy ideas into tangible results.

Our scope ranges from product and service innovations to business models and societal transformation.

Let’s SNOKX!

Cultivating opportunities and projects where we can work together as equals.        
Exploring partnerships including public and private opportunities.
Facilitating, enabling and incubating ‘experiments’.
Scaling up those that are successful in fostering more sustainable lifestyles.
With an open and experimental mindset, ensure that a 'portfolio of a thousand flowers' can flourish.
SNOKXING builds on experiences and successful field tests over more than two decades, weaving together principles of Regenerative Development, Design Thinking and Progressive forms of Organisation.
SNOKIXNG - Original sketch of SNOKXING framework - Milky Way

Why SNOKXING with us?

At the co-creation front, to jointly reach our aim, we bring essential competences to the table:

Creative Leadership
The ability to work on potential in a way that creates greater vitality to complex living systems.
The involvement of credible knowledge experts by tapping into the knowledge of multiple stakeholders with deep local contextual insights
Pattern Literacy
Imagination power and creativity to envision new coherent solutions
Our cognitive flexibility to think about multiple different concepts simultaneously
The capacity to take conscious bold decision through negotiations
Our ample experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams
Both emotional intelligence and analytical thinking which enables us to establish a strong relationship between business logic and human emotions
Design Thinking

Let's SNOKX for Our Future.

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