Building the Humanovation organisation to deliver programmes that establish design thinking in the strategic business operations of SMEs.

Flanders wanted to complete the transition from an efficiency to an innovation-driven economy: switching from its traditional, production-based economy to an economy where knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation are key success factors.

In its policy options, the Flemish Government therefore opted for a strengthening of entrepreneurship and innovation capacity and for the internationalisation of its economy.

The purpose of Humanovation organisation was to support this transition through design innovation programs tailored towards SME's.

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To support this shift – from an efficiency driven economy to an innovation driven economy – we developed and ran the Humanovation organisation from two locations to create, organise and deliver three regional programs: Humin, 5x5 and MyPrecious.

Each project had specific accents in meeting the overall purpose:

Humin taught companies the basic principles of how People Centered Design can successfully be used in strategic business operations and encouraged entrepreneurs to actually do it.
5x5 helped companies develop a new product together with a top designer.
MyPrecious built an innovative network that co-creates new products and services. We did this through combining the knowledge and skills of participating companies with a team of designers.

Humanovation was a non-profit association consisting of three partners: City of Genk, Designregio Kortrijk and Flanders InShape. Its role was to promote and be the legal structure for these projects.

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Three projects offering over 60 Flemish SME’s the extraordinary opportunity to realize innovations during 18 months with top-level expertise and support that have a strategic and lasting impact.
Over 25 designers trained to deliver Design Thinking programs at the executive level.
Over 60 companies successfully joined the program and adopted our design innovation tools and methods.
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