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Taking Chiyoda Europe to the next level.

Chiyoda Europa NV (Chiyoda) prints premium decor papers on ultra-modern four and five colour presses prior to hardening with melamine resin. Chiyoda offers its customers more than 2,000 designs for furniture, the building interior completion industry, panels and floor coverings, and this ranging from a natural wood decor, a trendy fantasy look, to an authentic stone image.

Chiyoda was positioned among the market leaders in the industry for many years but was heavily challenged to maintain that position.

We identified that Chiyoda's technological supremacy had become insufficient to stay ahead and differentiate itself from competition. In order to stay relevant in the market it was key for Chiyoda to also invest in the emotional aspects of their products.

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At Chiyoda we set up long- and short-term projects involving all stakeholders to establish an engaging customer dialogue and ultimately become a design driven company.

We seeded a culture of collaboration between customers and internal stakeholders by nurturing two-way communication and brought Design Strategy, Programming and Orchestration to the table as well as training Chiyoda staff.

The Interzum 2015 exhibition was a key implementation milestone for the project.

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We developed and supported the implementation of the innovation vision and design strategy for Chiyoda which lead to:

Shared ambitions, goals and efforts to take Chiyoda to the next level through a new approach to designing Décors
Brand redesign, including customers approach and involvement, decors presentation, co-creation, samples and delivery as well as customer follow up and after sales
Consistency across all vital touchpoints, brand identity (logo, collateral material...), website with a décor library and real time render-engine, presentation materials (POS), innovative press releases, contemporary publicity (adds)
Concept and realisation of the exhibition booth for Interzum 2015 (look, feel and functionality; customer registration, communication on the theme, showcasing the décors, real time sample ordering, automated follow up and delivery within 48 hours within the EU…)
Staff training on the brand experience, trend research and cocreation for new decors, customer feedback, communicating both the emotional and rational qualities of decors and the new portfolio structure, "readymade" vs. "tailor made

This project delivered improvements on customer relations by strengthening their trust and loyalty; Chiyoda was regarded as a preferred partner which lead to an improved operational flow. These elements Increased Chiyoda’s brand value as well as employee engagement.

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