Creating an Innovation Network

MyPrecious’ aim was to build a network of companies innovating together. It challenged companies to strategically position themselves in an innovative network.

The focus was on learning the principles of co-creation and collaboration by joining forces to achieve more.

MyPrecious formed the mindset and thematic content framework for the project, which we explored throughout the project.

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The participating companies were carefully approached and selected by us from different markets and sectors in order to obtain a truly multidisciplinary and diverse composition.

During the project, an innovating network was built through exploring realistic collaboration opportunities and co-creation. This led to concepts and prototypes with added value for the current and new markets, which exceeded the opportunities for each of the companies.

We put together an innovation team consisting of six companies, six designers and four coaches, to build the program around a common mindset: “my precious is your precious, and your precious is mine”. This approach set the scene for sharing expertise and co-creating new successful value propositions through interdependency.


Step 1 – Trust
Companies can only co-create if they share their knowledge and expertise
Step 2 – Out of the box
Explore new horizons and stimulate teamwork
Step 3 – Create
Experimenting, setting up concepts and testing prototypes
Step 4 – Communicate
Selecting and building generic concepts that appeal to the public to explore new possibilities

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MyPrecious promoted a design culture and co-creation as a value-generating method within the business community in Flanders, enabling participating companies to expand and strengthen their economic and professional network, to achieve strategic cooperation with a lasting impact on their future developments.

On a regional level, MyPrecious created:

New Business Opportunities
New perspectives
An innovative network
Increased competitiveness of the region

This pioneering project ran from June 2012 to March 2013 and was of high quality and internationally recognised.

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